Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty & Return Policy

Thank you for purchasing Pixsee. To ensure the best experience using our product, Best recommendation to refer to the product quick installation guide or visiting our official Pixsee website (www.pixseecare.com/us) for more information

For warranty related questions, please refer "FAQs" on our official website. For additional assistance, please contact us at hello@pixseecare.com for customer service assistance.

In order to provide for warranty services, your name, contact information, product name, device serial number, as proof of purchase or order number are required before the assistance.

Warranty Coverage

Unless otherwise stated, Pixsee products are covered by a one-year limited warranty for defects arising from normal and reasonable use. The following conditions, inclusive the 5-in-1 Camera Stand, Pixsee Friends AI-linked soft toy, consumable products, and software are not covered under the warranty.

What is NOT Covered

  • Damages or defects caused by improper maintenance or alteration of Pixsee products.
  • The serial numbers on Pixsee have been removed or altered.
  • Damages or defects caused by the improper usage of softwares, medias, ac adapters, parts or items not provided or authorized by Pixseeโ€™s official company.
  • Damages or defects caused by operating Pixsee not in accordance with the company's recommendations
  • Pixsee is not responsible for the physical damage or deformation caused by incorrect usage, improper installation, broken or bent interfaces or pins, or any other product defects caused by improper use or physical negligence (including but not limited to scratches, falls, snaps, knocks, ruptures, hard blows, liquid penetration, moisture, water stains, touching sharp objects, excessive force, abnormal current supply of products, extreme temperatures or environmental conditions, etc.).
  • In case of any problems that are not directly related to the function of the product itself, such as conflict or interference caused by other electronic devices, function not up to user expectations.
  • In the Event of Force Majeure, damages caused by an extraordinary act such as, but not limited to, fires, explosions, earthquakes, floods, wars, rebellions or other events beyond the control of the authority.
  • Consumables included along with the purchase of Pixsee products including, but not limited to, cartons, packaging materials, instruction manuals and installation accessories, etc.

Pixsee does not offer global warranty, nor perform warranty services outside of the region where you bought the product.

Limited warranty applies only to Pixsee Smart Baby Cameras purchased from an authorized dealer (not applicable to the 5-in-1 Camera Stand, Pixsee Friends AI-linked soft toy, accessories and software)

For out of warranty repair, Pixsee shall assess for repairs, and upon your consent, you will be charged for all costs incurred due to the repair.

Warranty period and 30-Day Return Period

  • Warranty period: Pixsee products purchased from our official website, an authorized dealer or store come with a one-year limited warranty (From receipt or proof of purchase. In the case where proof of purchase is not available, then warranty starts on the date product is first bound to an account).
  • 30-Day Return Period: Pixsee products purchased from our official website can be returned within 30 days from the date of delivery. If you purchased from an authorized dealer or store, please check with the authorized dealer you purchased your Pixsee from and will be subject to their return policies.

Other terms

  • Pixsee products that have been repaired or replaced will continue to enjoy the remainder of the warranty period covered under the original limited warranty. If remainder limited warranty period is less than 90 days, the warranty period will automatically extend for another 90 days from the date you receive the repaired or replacement product. Parts that sustain damages due to normal use and wear during the warranty period, are guaranteed with free maintenance; any damages caused by negligence such as, but not limited to, dismantling, changing structure, exposing to rain. And dropping are not covered under the warranty.
  • We, the Pixsee Company, reserve the right to assess and choose the parts and materials used to repair or replace the Pixsee serviced.

Warranty service application process

Notice! A proof of purchase or order number must be provided for service.

Please follow instructions below for services covered under the warranty:

  • Step 1๏ผšFor customer service assistance

    Please go to โ€œcontact usโ€ (https://pixseecare.com/us/contact) on our official site, select โ€œrepair informationโ€, and provide your full name, contact number and other required information. Our customer service department shall contact you, they will confirm the status of your product and possible repair schedule.

  • Step 2๏ผšSend your product back to service center

    Please follow the instructions of our customer service staff to return the item(s) for repair.

    Your item must be brand new and sent back in its original packaging (including product, accessories, internal and external packaging, gifts, etc.). If the original shipping carton is lost, please use another shipping carton to pack Pixsee. Do NOT attach shipping labels directly onto Pixsee packaging nor write on it.

  • Step 3๏ผšUpon receipt of product

    After receiving the returned Pixsee product, the company will assess for one of the following warranty measures for service: repair your Pixsee product with new or refurbished parts that are equal in performance, or replace your Pixsee with a brand new or refurbished device (to contain the same functions as your Pixsee.) Our customer service will contact you to confirm the repair status and shipping time.

Return shipping charges

Seller and buyer are each responsible for their share of shipping. Items needing repairs need to be sent to the companyโ€™s repair center or designated address, and will be returned upon completion of repairs to the original shipping address. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping for all items needing repairs within the warranty period, just as the company will be responsible for any shipping charges incurred for items repaired or replaced back to you.

About returns

  • Pixsee official website purchases
    • All Pixsee products can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of delivery and must be in their original condition. Please contact customer service to initiate a return or exchange.
    • Pixsee Friends AI-linked soft toy must be unused and in original, unopened packaging with original tags and accessories, or no returns or exchanges will be accepted.
    • Bundle products must be returned in full. Partial bundle returns will not be accepted.
    • Returns will only be accepted within 30 days of delivery.
  • To be eligible for a return for purchases made through an authorized Pixsee dealer, your item must be brand new and sent back in its original packaging during the warranty period. Please contact the respective dealer with any returns.

    Notice! A proof of purchase or order number must be provided for service.

  • Cost of return shipping and refunds are set by each respective dealers and platforms.

Return process

  • If you purchased products from one of our authorized dealers, please check with the authorized dealer you purchased your Pixsee from and will be subject to their return policies.
  • If you purchased products on the official website, please contact us within 30 days of delivery by following the below steps:
    • Step 1๏ผšContact customer service

      Please contact our Customer Support team at hello@Pixseecare.com and provide your Order ID, reason(s) of return within 30 days of delivery.

    • Step 2๏ผšShip your return products

      Please follow the instructions of Customer Support Team to handle and package Pixsee products properly. All items must be returned in new and original packaging, including the main Pixsee device, accessories (5-in-1 Camera Stand included), internal/external packaging, bonus items, and any other included items. If the original packaging is lost, please repackage items by using other packaging materials and DO NOT stick shipping labels or write directly on any original packaging.

    • Step 3๏ผšRefund methods

      Once your refund is approved, we will notify you by email and the payment will be refunded in the original payment method.

      Credit Card Refunds: Since banks vary in how and when they credit funds, please contact the card-issuing bank with questions about when the credit will be posted to your account.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Except as expressly stipulated in this warranty clause, the company does not provide any other warranty. The company rejects all warranties for marketability and applicable specific purposes.

Limitation of Liability

In addition to the provisions of this warranty, regardless of whether it is based on contracts, torts or any other legal provisions, and regardless of whether the company has been notified or aware of the possibility of such losses, the company will under any circumstances directly and indirectly, Special, incidental or inevitable losses (including loss of materials or profits) are not liable.

No manufacturer, seller, authorized distributor, or any employee or representative of a third-party manufacturer has the right to modify, extend or add to this warranty clause. If any provision of this warranty clause is deemed illegal or unenforceable, the other provisions of this warranty clause will still have full effect.

In all cases, the company's liability for any product defect or loss caused by the product defect does not exceed the total amount of the price you purchased the Pixsee product and the necessary expenses incurred when you request the warranty service.

To the extent that this Limited Warranty is inconsistent with applicable state or federal (country) law, this Limited Warranty shall be deemed modified to be consistent with such applicable state or federal (country) law. Some states (countries) do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state (country) to state (country).

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