Pixsee Play and its friends

Meet Pixsee Play and its cuddly companions Pixsee Friends,
the world’s first AI-linked soft toys for kids

Age 0-6

CES 2023 Innovation Awards

Pixsee Play

Pixsee Play is your baby's most treasured first cuddly top.

Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do.

You’re going to help her to create happy memories that will last forever in her life!

β€”Woody from Toy Story says to a new toy friend.

These beautiful words convey perfectly the fundamental idea behind our Pixsee Play and Pixsee Friends. Time spent with your childhood playmates is always wonderfully innocent and fun, and will be remembered forever.

Pixsee Play and its Pixsee Friends will introduce your baby to their first AI interaction in a gentle and natural way. While playing, sleeping, daydreaming and even exploring together, a Pixsee Friend will soon be your child’s most treasured first cuddly toy.

Love and trust will nurture and inspire true happiness in your kid, a wonderful gift that lasts a lifetime.

Pixsee Play is the next generation of AI smart baby cameras

Pixsee Play and Pixsee Friends

Smart toys make for a happy childhood

Pixsee Play is the next generation of AI smart baby camerasβ€”with a twist. While they safeguard your child and record their precious growth, of course, Pixsee Play and Pixsee Friends, the new sweet and cuddly companion toys, also work together in a magic way to create a stimulating and fun environment for your child. A world full of friendship, laughter and music.

Smart Object Recognition feature

Fun Time – Your baby’s first AI smart toys

Each of our stuffed toys represents a different musical personality. The Pixsee Play’s Smart Object Recognition feature will identify the individual toy and play its very own special tunes. When your child waves their PIxsee Friend at Pixsee Play, like magic, the toy’s special music will begin to play. Your kids can experience the wonders of AI from an early age.

AI smart music box

Harmony time – Quality listening from an early age

Each Pixsee Friend activates an AI smart music-box that plays its own special list of songs, carefully chosen by music education experts. Music is a fantastic way to stimulate your baby’s and child’s cognitive learning, imagination, and intellectual and sensory development.

Please have a look at our Pixsee Planet subscription. Our Standard plan includes twenty songs, if you opt for Gold Star, your baby can listen to fifty wonderful tunes and songs.

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A Cuddly and Safe Companion

Bonding time – Learn to develop friendships

Through loving play and companionship, your baby will become close friends with Pixsee Friends. They can freely explore their feelings and creativity, find their individuality and self-confidence, and have great character-building experiences.

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Smart Music Box

Exposure to a musically-enriched environment built by music education experts

Fueling your baby’s growth with music as a daily dose of vitamin


"Babies feel loved through their parents' voices, even before birth. Their voices bring security, while music encourages curiosity and exploration. With Pixsee Planet's Expert-Curated Playlists, parents can interact with babies and unlock their potential. Pixsee creates a music-rich environment for children of all temperaments, making it the best companion for their adventures!"

*Expert-Curated Playlists (Coming soon)

Jessie Hsiao-Shien Chen

Ph. D. in Music Education, University of Oregon, USA

Present academic position
Professor, National Taichung University of Education, Taichung, Taiwan.
Board Member, International Society for Music Education (ISME)


"Babies love to explore their surroundings. With Pixsee Play and Pixsee Friends, they can learn about the diverse world through interactive and musical dialogues. By experiencing music and soothing voice of parents, babies receive richer sensory stimulation, fostering connections to their environment and promoting healthy emotional expression."

*Expert-Curated Playlists (Coming soon)

Shen ChiaBow

Master of Fine Arts, Department of Music, University of Taipei Bachelor of Education

Present position
Founder of ChiaBow’s Music
Teacher & Examiner of Orff Music & Art World

Pixsee Friends

The first AI-linked stuffed toys, exclusively created to support your child, from newborns on up

Each Pixsee Friend has an individual and exclusive playlist

baby friend


I am a very brave little rabbit and will always look out for you. Just hold me tight and I will comfort and reassure you.

Musical personality:
brave, sensible, confident

Listen to music excerpts

baby friend


My ears are big and so is my heart. I might be a little clumsy and slow, but my life is so full of love, sweet music, and happiness.

Musical personality:
warm, gentle, kind

Listen to music excerpts

baby friend


I am a little ball of fire, an explorer at heart and curious about everything. I love adventures and I also love my curly tail; it is so bouncyβ€”just like me.

Musical personality:
energetic, funny, positive

Listen to music excerpts

Easy 3-step-linking with Pixsee Play

  1. Step 1


    Scan exclusive QR code provided with each Pixsee Friend

  2. Step 2


    Detect your Pixsee Friend

  3. Step 3


    A jingle confirms successful linkingNow enjoy your very own magic playlist on Pixsee Play

A cuddly and safe companion designed for hugs with worry-free, easy care

The special shape design is suitable for your baby’s small hands to grasp, so that the baby can exercise major and minor muscles while having fun.

Pixsee Friends contain no electrical, battery, plastic or metal parts. They are completely safe, even for your newborn. The Scandinavian style blends with earth tones, low grayscale and saturation, making your baby feel calm, and blends perfectly into the home environment.

* Samples of Pixsee Friends have been tested by Intertek against ASTM F963, CPSC and EN71 and found to be compliant with the safety and hazardous chemicals requirements set forth for the US and EU markets. Simply hand-wash and line dry.

Pixsee Friends are sewn with delicate fabrics that do not fray or shed

  • 100% Polyester

    • Super soft and skin-friendly, delicate touch
    • Water-repellent, easy to clean, wear-resistant
  • 100% Linen

    • Plant-based fiber
    • Naturally antibacterial and anti-allergy
  • Filling 100% Polyester

    • Quick dry, mildew-resistant
    • Moth-resistant, non shrinking

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Certification and safety

*The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CTA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.
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