Cookie Policy

Effective date: December 1, 2022

Shennona Co., Ltd. (hereinafter β€œShennona”, β€œWe”, β€œUs” or β€œOur”) uses cookies or similar technologies to track and keep records of users’ online activity on Our application/website.

For Website Users
When you visit Our website at, We will store cookies on your device (browser).

What are cookies?
cookies are tiny files, composed of a string of letters and numbers. We place cookies on your browser to keep a record of your online activity, such as logging in, website connection, shopping, language preference, browsing history.

What are the different types of cookies?
  • By expiration time:
    1. Session cookies that expire when you leave the browser; and
    2. Persistent cookies that stay on the browser until deleted by you.
  • By source:
    1. First-party cookies that are set by Us or Our contractors; and
    2. Third-party cookies that are set by a third-party (domain) different from Us.
What cookies do We use? For what purposes?
  • Necessary cookies
    Necessary cookies are essential for the operation of the Website. These cookies enable functions or services of the website, assist with the detection and prevention of frauds, or keep the website secure. They perform tasks such as authenticating your login information; storing your login details so that your future visits to the website do not require login again; tracking your shopping items; storing your website connection information, and keeping your language preferences. Therefore, you may not refuse use of these cookies in website settings. Please be aware that if you disable Our cookies on the browser, parts of Our website may not function correctly.
  • Functionality and analytics cookies
    Functionality and analytics cookies facilitate improvement of Our services and enhancement of user’s online experience. They perform functions such as calculating and analyzing website traffic, popular pages, conversion rate, click-through rate, among others, while also conducting market research by integrating anonymized information. If you refuse these cookies, We will not be able to analyze your online activity.
  • Advertising and tracking cookies
    Advertising and tracking cookies are set by US or Our advertising partners (advertising agencies and advertisers). These cookies may be used to build a profile for analysis of your interests and preferences, in accordance with which targeted advertising is conducted on Our website or other media. These advertising partners do not access data from which you are directly identifiable, but track your online activity with a unique identification number of your browser or connected device. If you refuse these cookies, you may receive ads that do not interest you.

cookies currently used by Us
  1. Google Analytics: An analytics cookie provided by Google that enables measurement of Our online services and user activity, as well as content testing for website improvement. For more information, see:
  2. HubSpot: A web integration solution provided by HubSpot Inc. that contains necessary cookies and functionality and analytics cookies for website management, usage analysis and email marketing. For more information, see:
  3. Meta Pixel: The advertising media provided by Meta will track related marketing cookies. Activities tracked by Meta Pixel include adding products to the shopping cart, purchasing products, and so on. For more information, see:
  4. Shopify: The shop on our Website is a shopping platform generated based on the Shopify technology. Shopify uses cookies to track shopping activities in the shop for the purposes of recommendation marketing and shopping-related analysis. For more information, see:
How to refuse cookies?
  • Website settings
    You can click here to refuse Our cookies (other than necessary cookies).
  • Browser settings
    You can learn how to change cookie settings on a specific type and version of browser by visiting the following external links. You can also search for the latest updates from your browser developer, or visit https://www.aboutcookies.orgto learn how to manage your cookies on browsers.
For Application Users
Advertising identifiers
When you use Our Pixsee application, We get an advertising ID of your mobile device (mobile phone or tablet), such as Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) on iOS devices or Google Advertiser Identification on Android devices. We use the advertising ID to track your device and display targeted ads that may interest you.

How to manage advertising identifiers?
You can change your device’s settings (usually under β€œPrivacy” or β€œAdvertising”) to stop targeted advertising by way of advertising identifiers. To opt out of tracking with advertising ID, please view the following:
You will still receive ads, but those will no longer be customized to your interest.
We use cookies to enhance your viewing experience. By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. read more