Brand story

Pixsee joins hearts

Brand story

Pixsee joins hearts

The team

Pixsee team

dedicated to joining charm, user experience and craftsmanship into unprecedented experiences

iF award


Award-winning design team

As an all-around, multidisciplinary team with over ten years of experience in designing and developing high-end consumer products, BIOSLAB's core expertise includes user experience, industrial design, visual communication, AI and cloud services. These comprehensive abilities, from software to hardware, have earned the team iF Gold Awards for three consecutive years.


happy brand that creates beautiful moments

Some of our team members of course have become and are becoming parents themselves, and all of them wish for the sameβ€”to be able to preserve fleeting moments and to bring families closer together through the creation of genuine life stories.
Our BIOSLAB team was inspired by our own members to create the Pixsee brand, where smart assistants, brimming with ingenuity, fun and imagination, were dreamed up to provide unique and tailored services to a new generation of families, forever faithful in guarding the ties that bind them together.

Uncompromising efforts, enriching experiences

international team

In order to create a brand that even our team would enjoy, we had to break molds and realign ourselves with modern parenting values. It is by investing countless hours in workshops, striking up sparks of ingenuity among the different disciplines were we able to tie in the tangible to the intangible, sensory with user experience in our pursuit of perfection.

made in Taiwan

Unrivaled quality

With "transcendence" as part of our DNAβ€”we shall strive for creativity in uncompromising quality, use of innovative materials in strict manufacuring processes, as well as advanced automation, meticulous testing and quality control to produce every Pixsee device in Taiwan to safeguard our fans and their loved ones.
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