Music Scheduler
Upgrade your membership with a Pixsee Planet Gold Star plan to establish family rituals through music
pixsee can customize playlists, play time and number of plays based on your (and your baby's) preferences. E.g., "morning sunshine!", "yummy for my tummy", or "naptime!", etc.

* Reminder: Only the primary account holder can control the settings; invited guests cannot use this function
* Please ensure the SD card is inserted and formatted in your Pixsee Play device.
[How to use]
You can edit the playlist title, choose to play a full album, a single song, or sleep sound, and set the play time and the number of plays.
You may set up to 10 playlists.
You can choose to play a full album
Or choose to play a single song or even sleep sound
[How to delete]
last updated: 2024/05/18
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